01. Intake Form

Completed by you prior to your initial visit, covers your main concerns, expectations, past medical history, family history, and a review of systems.

02. Initial Consultation

A one hour comprehensive health history, where together we dive deep into your chief concerns and all associated symptoms. We will touch on sleep, energy, life stressors, diet and a review of your body’s main systems to find the underlying cause of illness.

03. Physical Exams

Focused physical exams may be preformed depending on the presenting concerns.

04. Testing

Together we review your most recent lab tests and take a closer look at where you fall on the spectrum to determine what is normal for your health goals. If further testing is required we will requisition for focused bloodwork. 

05. Specialized Testing

If indicated we may run functional testing including comprehensive hormonal testing, gastrointestinal mapping, organic acid testing, adrenal testing, thyroid panels etc.

06. Treatment Plan

Once the underlying root is determined a specific protocol catered just for you is provided. This may involve herbal medicine, nutraceuticals, acupuncture, clinical counselling, nutritional counselling and lifestyle counselling.

07. Follow-up

Visits are often recommended to ensure your care is comprehensive and effective.

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