Armaiti Wellness offering naturopathic services in Victoria BC with Direct Billing

Empowering individuals to take charge of their healing & embark on a journey towards wholeness & blissful serenity.

Meaning of Armaiti

Named after the Persian goddess of earth and fertility — Armaiti represents the divine feminine and her gifts of holy serenity, procreation and protection against evil — She is a divine concept of blissful peace and creative calm.

The wisdom of Armaiti is to step back, and through the calm power of contemplation find our inner wisdom, tap into creative visions and higher consciousness to allow for the authentic expression of our sacred life force.

Dr Arezou Babri Wellness professional and naturopathic doctor in Victoria BC

01. Mission

Re-establishing health through Whole Human Healing

02. Vision

Connecting individuals back to their Mind - Body - Soul

03. Values

Establishing a community based in empowerment and compassion



Dr. Arezou Babri Best Naturopath in Victoria BC with Direct Billing

Model of Care

01. Unearth

Discover the hidden messages your body is communicating through symptoms.

02. New Roots

Establish a foundational understanding of your journey towards health.

03. Flourish & Bloom

Allow yourself to harvest the joy of grounded wellness.


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