What is naturopathic medicine?

Naturopathic medicine is a primary health care system dedicated to determining and treating the root cause of illness. Naturopathic medicine employs a multi-faceted approach to health-care by combining modern, traditional, scientific and empirical methods in the prevention and treatment of disease. Treatment plans reflect a whole person holistic approach, honouring the mind-body-spirit connection. Symptoms of disease are seen as the body communicating disharmony in function, lifestyle and environment. 

What type of training to naturopathic doctors have?

Licensed Naturopathic Physicians must have at least seven years of education and training including three or more years of prerequisite university education and four years post-graduate training at an accredited naturopathic medical school in North America. Naturopathic Doctor’s must also complete North American Board Exams prior to receiving a license to practice in Canada or the United States. 

What are the principles of naturopathic medicine?

A naturopathic physician is informed by six underlying principles of healing which are:

    1. Work with the healing power of nature
    2. Identify and treat the cause
    3. First do no harm
    4. Treat the whole person
    5. Doctor as teacher
    6. Encourage prevention 

What to bring to your first visit?

Recent copies of laboratory testing that you may have, along with either pictures of current supplements and medications or the supplements and medications themselves.