Survival: The modern day definition of health

I recently had a conversation with some healers in our community, about people’s definition of "health." It became very evident during our discussion that many people in our world have mistaken common symptoms of disease for “normal” state of health.

If you have been dealing with any level of disharmony in your body chronically, you may have become accustomed to that standard of existence making it seem like your “normal.” Unfortunately, the vast majority has learned to accept and coexist with dis-ease in the body as their baseline for health.

I am here to tell you that there is a difference between your body battling to maintain basic function versus the expression of full vitality.

So, why not go over some signs of abnormality within the human body as a starting point.

  • Living with pain is not normal. Especially pain that requires you to rely on something daily just to function. Pain is your body’s signal that something deeper needs to be addressed. Pain is a symptom, and if we only address the symptoms of a disease, we simply risk suppressing the underlying cause, resulting in chronic disease that affects multiple body systems.
  • Burnout and chronic fatigue are not normal. Struggling to get through the day and relying on coffee or other stimulants for an energy boost is not normal. Your body is designed to boost cortisol levels 30 minutes within waking so that you can start your day with a healthy rise in energy and vitality. Burnout is often a sign of chronic stress, repressed trauma, nutrient deficiencies or chronic disease. Your body is begging for rest because it is functioning with sub-optimal conditions.
  • Chronic digestive issues including loose stools, constipation, bloating with every meal and heartburn are not normal. These are common symptoms of either food sensitivities, compromised digestive function or an imbalance in the gut flora. Once the root cause is addressed you will have a completely new understanding of “normal” digestive function.
  • Insomnia or sleep disturbances are not normal. Oftentimes insomnia is triggered by life stressors and an overactive mind. A deeper investigation into the mental and emotional components of health is a great starting point to remedying this issue. This can be supported through focused supplementation and lifestyle changes.
  • Chronic anxiety or depression are not normal. Each of us will experience at least one episode of anxiety or depression in our lives. However, living with chronic mental health conditions is not a normal state of being. You were not created to suffer internally and push through your daily activities without feeling a sense of wholeness, joy or connection. With mental health conditions being on the rise globally, it’s about time to address this issue collectively starting with compassion and unity!

We need to begin to change the paradigm of medicine from symptom management to reversal of disease. A great place to start is through focused functional testing that investigates the root cause of disease and personalized treatment plans that support your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

As one of my favorite authors once said “to live is the rarest thing in the world; most people just exist.” -Oscar Wilde

Armaiti stems from the root Ar meaning “fitting rightly” and maiti meaning “to meditate and contemplate.

Dr. Arezou Babri